To restore the natural balance of the marine environment in rivers, lakes and Ocean.

We work direct with Majors, Municipalities and Governments.


We have developed passive in situ water remediation technology based on nature building blocks to increase oxygen and pH in the entire water column simultaneously bringing back life when treating rivers lakes and Ocean.


-Reducing harmful excess nutrients without any application of electricity chemistry or added enzymes.


-Monitoring various key parameters with limitless data transfer in real time.


• BCQ water cleaning devices
RAJ 11

• BCQ real-time monitoring systems ENOS


Having roots in north Norwegian fishing family growing up fishing at the richest fishing grounds in the world, as well being a sea captain, a professional marine pilot and spent most of life by or on the sea. Since mid 1980 we discovered a blue green surface water four nautical miles outside coastline without anticipating what was about to happen. Few years later blue-green algae and oxygen high depletion were discovered in deep fjords in Norway.

A lifetime study of the ocean and applied R&D with dedicated team of scientists (included sweat, teers, and laughter) brought us to develop RAJ modules.

Allan Johansen

«Nature is our biggest ally, and our greatest inspiration.
We just have to do what nature always has done!»

- David Attenborough – A life on our planet, 2020

Natural Science does not simply describe and explain nature: it is part of an interplay between nature and ourselves.

Werner Heisenberg

Life science and physical science also called Natural science It is science of
understanding the natural phenomena based on empirical evidence from observation
and experiments.

BIOACID - Exploring Ocean Change

Who we are

The People

Allan Johansen
Natural scientist, Master Mariner.

Joseph Steinfeldt
Naval Designer, serial entrepreneur, and developer-investor.

Nino Kurtalj
Digital Officer, ICT professional.

Advisory board

Dr. Anthony R. Turton
Educated as a decision-maker under conditions of uncertainty and risk.

Dr. Ekkehard Naumann
Strategy Development


Brightcore Quantum International AS

Vaterlandsveien 19

3470 Slemmestad, Norway

Phone: +47 916 11 277

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