BCQ designs, manufactures and deploys advanced water remediation technology Ocean of Life Modules and Rigs. 2017 the company incorporated to start the largest water cleaning program initiated until today.
Our mission is to help globally reverse the state of polluted bodies of water within a short time span. 
The majority of lakes, rivers, and oceans across the globe is in indisputable tragic state. BCQ is guarding an apolitical view but firmly stands on the side of water - the Water of Life.
For the past 19 years our R&D developed a water cleaning technology using Quantum mechanics to oxygenate waters. We have conducted several large test programs with proven industrial scale results.
Regardless of…
  • 2.12 bill. tons of waste being dumped every year by all of us
  • 200 mill. tons of fertilizer put on the crops worldwide
  • excessive water usage by increasing population and pollution.
  • 20% and more water lost through damaged pipelines and inadequate plumbing
  • lakes, rivers and oceans being much more acid then before
Regardless of so many other issues, we could spend time complaining about
We are moving towards a great future
Brightcore Quantum envisioned the solution for the problem we all have created.
We still keep creating it daily, beside the best intention most of us have. We also enjoy life with our cars, airplanes, yachts, and AC in hot summer days, coozy heat in cold winter months.
To keep the quality of life, but depart from wasteful and polluting way of living is a milestone, BCQ is working on.

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